What Next?

In my last entry, I discussed my experience re-entering the academic world as a mature student pursuing a diploma in accounting.  This post will look at the options that are available to me know that I am coming to the end of the program.

When I first started school in January of 2016, the options available to someone entering the accounting field seemed like an overwhelming haze in the distance.  With so many avenues to pursue, it was difficult to pick a direction.  Should I start looking for jobs immediately after graduation or spend more time in school?  With a 2-year diploma in accounting, job prospects are limited.  You could find work as a bookkeeper or in a junior accounting position, but the possibility for growth is limited without more education.  I have somehow developed some ambition in my time at Fleming and decided that this wasn’t good enough for me.  I decided that I would either need to enrol in the third year of the accounting diploma or utilize the transfer agreement between Fleming and OUIT and go back to university.  Attending OUIT would mean travelling to Oshawa which made it a less attractive option.  Just as I had decided to stay at Fleming for a third year and then re-enrol a Trent University, a new transfer agreement was announced.  Trent now recognizes the 2-year diploma as the equivalent to doing your first two years at Trent.  This means upon graduation I can enter the third year of Trent’s business administration program.  This was great news and became my plan almost immediately.

A university education is essential for reaching senior positions in the accounting field. In 2016, Canada’s various accounting bodies merged into one creating the Charted Professional Accountant designation.  To earn a CPA designation a university degree is required.  This helped cement the fact that to be able to advance I would need a degree.  Spending time in university will also allow more time for me decide what type of work I would like to do exactly.  Finance, manufacturing, government, and public accounting all have their pros and cons.  I look forward to being exposed to more information about these various paths to help me determine what direction I will take.

I’m not as focused as would like to be, but I do feel as though I have some direction and that it will become more clear to me in the next year or so.  I take comfort in knowing that although I still don’t know where I want to end up, I now have a better idea of how I’m going to get there.  As strange as that sounds.


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